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New Prompts and Fills, March 2014


Sheldon/all the women (episode tag: 6x12)
The council of ladies are all filled with amorous intent… For Sheldon. And all perform an experiment to show him exactly how hormonal driven ladies might act ;) Optional dub- con at first before Sheldon finds himself loving every minute of it.

Sheldon/Amy - He makes a move, she never saw it coming
Sheldon finds himself getting more and more aroused around Amy and because of her sex jokes he makes a move. But Amy gets caught off guard and maybe she elbows him like that TSA agent in Love Spell. He finally talks her into it and they have sex but she is proved to be all talk and Sheldon takes charge. Sweet extra-awkward Shamy sex but realistic for their first time. Extra bonus if Amy is super shy and Sheldon is trying to flirt with her in his own quirky way.

Simon/Kunal, RPF
Just a very simple and straightforward PWP. No angst, nothing dark or convoluted. Very physical, very loving/caring. Early seasons, no Bernadette, no other pairings. No D/s or seme/uke stereotypes.

Howard/Raj, very mild watersports
Maybe it happens by accident, or maybe they end up peeing on each other as part of a dare, or something. No BDSM or humiliation, no drinking of fluids, just everyday types of situations where “an accident” might occur. Early seasons, no Bernadette, no other pairings. Maybe branching off from that episode where H and R have that humorous conversation about “the potty.”

Sheldon/Leonard, ass play (rimming??? :D)
I need this after Leonard talking about the sensitivity of Sheldon’s ass. Sheldon going crazy with need while Leonard fingers him, rims him, spanks him, anything!


The Betrayal Conundrum
Sheldon/Bernadette, NC-17, infidelity

Okay, I don’t know what this is but it is so adorable that I demand someone write fic about it.

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Don’t take it personally, Bernadette.

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Prompts and Fills, February 2014

New Prompt:

Sheldon/Amy - The Locomotive Manipulation

Sheldon and Amy doing after the train kiss.

(I do have to wonder if someone left a word out there… doing what, dear anon?)

Return of New Fill:

The Hawking Extortion, 2-5/5

Anon notes the following: Sheldon/Howard, Howard/Bernadette | NC-17 | dub-con | Dom/sub dynamics/content | mild spanking | humiliation kink. Office gossip around the virtual water cooler here at TBBT Kink HQ notes that the cleaned up version (as in grammar etc.; the content is still very much dirrrrty!) is now up on AO3.

There have been a couple of frankly yummy prompts since (RPF, mmmm), but they’ll have to wait til the March masterpost… or you can always just look at the main LJ post. (Or Pinboard, but Momma’s still compiling recent links, so it’s an itty bit behind.)

Hepcats and hepkitties, I do apologize for not updating sooner. I’m about two months behind, but I will post fairly soon with the recent prompts and fills - and there are some, it’s still quieter than in days of yore but there’s movement at the station.

Mostly just popping this additional post in to say thank you to everyone who’s following and keeping the Big Bang kink scene alive, whether you’re prompting, filling, or cheering for the prompts you want to see filled.


I’ve already addressed this on the LJ community, but I thought I’d best make a general reminder post since there does seem to be a bit of through traffic from here (thank you, I love you, I’m glad my efforts are worth it).

We had an issue where some people felt that a fic was insufficiently tagged with content warnings. That’s okay and I absolutely encourage people to speak up. I don’t want people to get triggered, and that can be a hard thing to avoid on a kink meme!

However, in the course of saying that the warnings were insufficient, they were a little too disparaging about the kinks within the post in question. And that’s not okay.

Please, dear kinksters, if you feel a post needs warnings put on it, either say so without saying that the story itself is not to your tastes, or send me an email or LJ message or even an ask on here. I do get notifs for every LJ comment, and I do review them, but on occasion I can miss content that may be problematic for others because not everyone’s limits are the same.

This also applies to story listings on Pinboard: if you think a story’s rating needs changing, or a story needs more tags, or needs triggers listed, just let me know!

Long story short, YKINMKBYKIOK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is OK). Let that be your golden rule and we’ll get alone just fine.


did you catch it? awwwww <3 <3 

(On a non-kink note, CONGRATULATIONS to Kaley on her wedding!)


did you catch it? awwwww <3 <3 

(On a non-kink note, CONGRATULATIONS to Kaley on her wedding!)

Prompts and Fills, January 2014

Happy new year my darling BBT kinksters, you beautiful perverts!

We only have a couple of bits and pieces this update, sorry to say.

New Prompt:

Sheldon, season four, tw: eating disorder.

Sheldon has an eating disorder. He keeps losing weight until everyone finally notices. Preferably set at the beginning of s4 when Jim was super skinny.

(Darlings, your kink is always okay, we don’t judge on kinks here, but for this one, if you are experiencing troubles with eating in your own life, please please be careful and look after yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You can always askbox me if you need someone to talk to, or email me on

Finished WIP:

In Vino Veritas, Sheldon/Penny/Raj, NC-1, is allll done. If you want to read it cleaned up and in one place, I am reliably informed that the author has posted it to AO3.

New Fill:

The Hawking Extortion 1/1 | Sheldon/Howard | NC-17, dub-con

Maid uniform
In Sheldon’s office

*insert Takei OH MY here* I don’t know if the OP was expecting the dub-con to go this way, but WELL.